Grahak Complaint

Nallur Sarees - Wrong & cheap Quality product sent and number switched off

Mohit Verma on 21 Jan 20

Ordered two sarees and completely wrong sarees sent and that too of very bad quality. The contact number given on the parcel 6355560165 is switch off. I don’t know how to return these and get m

Nallur Sarees - Wrong and poor quality used product sent

Mohit Verma on 22 Jan 20

Poor quality products sent with hair strands all over the saree. The saree is totally different from what I ordered and their customer care number is switched off and there is noway to contact them. I

Nallur Sarees - Received different product

Mohit Verma on 23 Jan 20

I had ordered for black georgette party saree but some different saree has been received I want to return the product received and want refund for the same

Nallur Sarees - Order didnt get

Mohit Verma on 23 Jan 20

Order no 10955 Booked on 18-1-2020 No update received till now

Nallur Sarees - Delivered a different and inferior product than what was ordered

Mohit Verma on 24 Jan 20

I had ordered a silk saree and what they have sent is an inferior synthetic saree . They are fraud as they haven't even responded on my email or my negative review.Please help me get my refund.

Nallur Sarees - Wrong saree and poor quality charged double

Mohit Verma on 24 Jan 20

I received wrong product with more pricei want refund

Kartgostore - Wrong product and cheating

Mohit Verma on 29 Jan 20

Kartgostore GSTIN:07AACCO6129P1ZZ

Kartgostore - Wrong product received

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

I have ordered an smartwatch . I got an ordinary watch ...

Kartgostore - Fraud my parcel

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

Dear sir, I had placed a order franco G-smart series watch on your site kartgostore on 1/27/2020 refrance id #KG_24826 ORDER ID 9344570 I have received the product on 20 JANUARY 2020... With produ

Kartgostore - Megalith men's analogue watch

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

A dairy watch received and Received different item's please refund my money

Kartgostore - Wrong item delivered

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

I was order a watch online from in website it shows me a different watch and delivered it different and cheap watch I want my Refund and please banned these kind of farud website When

Kartgostore - Fraud watch

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

I have ordered a watch which was shown in a tiktok advt and it came some different watch which is not acceptable.I dint like the watch n refund my amount

Kartgostore - Wrong item delevred

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

Meme jo watch mobile or deakhi thi vo smart watch thi jo ki franco g smart name se thi or mujhe jo item deleverd hua h vo ek simple watch h .plz will u change it and deleverd a right item ...

Kartgostore - Watch

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

I order a smart watch but they deliver me a different watch

Kartgostore - order not match delivery

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

my order watch difreent deliver watch please retuirn watch

Kartgostore - Wronge product delevered

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

Reference Id. #KG_ 23509 Order Id 9344508 Tracking id pkrc8000000520 Order date 01/27/2020 Please change my product

Kartgostore - Wrong parrsacl

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

I didn't received smart watch i have received wrong parcels

Kartgostore - i no like watch i want moneny

Mohit Verma on 30 Jan 20

this not my oders plz change my product this no good no like plz change watch is bed looking plz change my order plz return give me moneny or return my proect plz

Kartgostore - Incorrect product delivered

Mohit Verma on 31 Jan 20

This is a scam, i have received an incorrect product from the company other the product I have ordered. There is no place to get a refund and all to return the product. This has to be stopped, many