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Airtel Mobile - No Network and bad customer service

Gargi Bhattacharya on 21 Jun 21

Even after repeated complaints received no support from Airtel customer service I have no network at my house and Airtel continues to charge me rent. This kind of service is leading me to lose my job because I am not connected most of the time.
I pay my bills on time and yet such bad customer service this is leading to terrible mental health issue for me how do i explain Airtel to be more responsible about their services...?

Airtel - Bad internet speed

Mohit Verma on 27 Jul 19

The company cheating me the company advertising that they're provide hi speed network but it completely wrong I'm getting speed (2-5kbps) speed in Delhi on my no 9990738304


Mohit Verma on 03 Aug 19

Hi, i have complained many times but no responce from airtel side. Technician visited & I paid 200 rs for visit. Still issue persist and airtel daily detact 20rs in my account. Pl help to close the issue.

Airtel bharti - Delay in broadband connection even after paying in advance

Mohit Verma on 24 Sep 19

I have been asked the Airtel company for the new broadband connection at my home. The airtel agent told me it will take only 3-4 hours after documentation /payment for the installation of a new connection.
On Friday morning I was told that by Friday EOD the connection will do and hence in the Friday morning itself I asked them to do the documentation but the agent came in the evening for documentation.
Hence I did the documentation and done the payment on Friday.
And told me that maximum by Monday the installation will be done.
But another supervisor with whom I was coordinating on phone told me that by Friday evening the installation will be done.
On calling again on Monday the executives were not answering the call and when called by the different number they informed me that the connection will be done by Tuesday afternoon.
This process is being continued and I am mentally tortured and is affecting my work life since I am not able to do my office work.

airtel reference number 94072106050972.

Airtel - Network not working properly meny time in a day

Mohit Verma on 25 Sep 19

for three days when I tried too someone my call disconnected due to network . I suffered mentaly and economely .

Airtel - Charging money for 4G data

Mohit Verma on 16 Oct 19

I m not able to run internet neither 4g or 3g property
I had used 558 pack for only using 3gb data per day

And now using 448 pack for only using 2gb data per day
Company can't able to provide 4g speed internet data but charging for data which I m not able to use,
I complained several times.
Every time they register the complaint but not solved yet... I m still suffering

Bhatti Airtel Mobile Co Madhya Pradesh - Non availability of Data's & talk time

Mohit Verma on 05 Dec 19

Dear Sir
I am regular customer of Airtel Mobile company.From some days I could not recharge my Data s and talk time balance in my mobile number 8085082151.Today I.e. on 05/12/2019 I recharged my mobile by Paytm for Data's by Rs 48/_with reference number 9835994411 & for talk time by Rs 49/_ with reference number 9836731815 but there's no any messages regarding this.Please do needful for the same as earliest as possible.
Yours Faithfully
Mobile No 8839944146
8085082152 & 8109283265
Email address
Thanks with regards

Airtel - Airtel is cheating the public that their network work with is good

Mohit Verma on 18 Jan 20

This is veerababu from Bangalore and pin code 560099 area TCP layout Chandapura.
I have given complaint 3 times about my airtel network issue and no resoultion and they are telling with Airtel n 1 day complaint will be resolved but no issue has resolved.
Airtel is worst network working and they r giving fake news that with out interpution u can enjoy videos but even 30 sec iam not able to see videos.
Recently only I ported to Airtel but I want to port to other network immediately.Still I1 month is there to to finish 90 days,is there any possibility to change immediately, please help me in this issue or resolve the issue.
Thanking you

Airtel - My Airtel number 8809412287 is stop...not any reason...incoming or NUMBER is already recharge recharge

Mohit Verma on 25 Jan 20

My number is stop

Airtel digital tv - 20 day are over their is a signal problem and they are solving it

Mohit Verma on 10 Jun 20

From 22nd of may ...we are facing signal problem...and we are continuously complaining through coustmer care,email and airtel no action were taken ...on 4 june one of engineer had visited and did his work bt from the very next...same problem start again we are very this lockdown period children are at home they are creating much trouble for us..many times we had complain regarding this issuse the didnt giving us any response

Airtel - Sms received by late

Mohit Verma on 14 Jun 20

My Airtel prepaid number is 9842705944. I was received the SMS at the time of Transaction OTP and other OTPs are by late (after 10 minutes of Process time)

Airtel - My amount is 6

Mohit Verma on 14 Jun 20

7june 2020 when iam recharge 550 to add Airtel money on that time amount deducted but not added Airtel money again second time add 550 rupees Airtel money added and recharge but firsst recharge amount is deducted in I chosen app Amazon . In with the link amazon in Airtel phone number:9652641674

Airtel - Sim connection (Replacement of sim)

Mohit Verma on 19 Jun 20

The SIM card no8991000904200778228U was inserted into a new phone by Airtel technician at Sarat Bose Road.After 4 hours it showed no service,after reporting they found a technical fault showing document mismatch.All the valid documents were served by me(a senior citizen)but with no solution.Airtel does not waste time in charging even when our wifi was down for almost a month,but this delay in public service is unpardonable.

Airtel - regarding the mobile data

Mohit Verma on 10 Jul 20

I am not receiving my mobile data until I recharged it now please help me regarding this

Airtel - Network

Mohit Verma on 23 Jul 20

Network any time error and bed network this area.
Bed network
Calling problem
Network slow working

Airtel - Sim problem

Mohit Verma on 24 Jul 20

I have recharged 4g in my Airtel SIM but it's not working.In my sim 2g is working.i have complained them about it.They are not solving it.Saying it will be corrected on aug 31. I want refund