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Blitzfab - I was sent a wrong item

Mohit Verma on 03 Feb 20

I had ordered a lehenga few days back and instead of the lehenga I was given a cheap material dress not a lehenga for which I had paid 1300

Blitzfab - Wrong product order number #B10141

Mohit Verma on 03 Feb 20

I ordered corduroy button lapel sleeve vintage plus size shirt and got a cotton kurti with cold shoulder green in colour

Blitzfab - Received wrong product

Mohit Verma on 03 Feb 20

My order no. Is B9939
I order vintage top I received wrong product
I customer care no one received calls, no one reply to email , there is no address where I return this product much inconvenience and waste my time and system of dis website

Blitzfab - Wrongly Product Received

Mohit Verma on 03 Feb 20


I ordered 2 tops. they sent One top and that too wrong.
Customer care number is also wrong.

I ordered again and once more they sent the wrong product.

Its a very fake company. Plz dont buy from this

Blitzfab - Delivery of wrong clothes.Not as per the order

Mohit Verma on 04 Feb 20

I had ordered 2 tops. One red and one white in the xxxl size. I have received both tops which r xxl size and they fo not fit me. I paid 2448Rs to the courier.

Blitzfab - ORDER A DRESS

Mohit Verma on 05 Feb 20

BUY A DRESS BUT IT WAS WRONG - Wrong item received

Mohit Verma on 07 Feb 20

I had ordered a top from the blitzfab website on 28 Jan 2020 i received the order on cod for the amount 1090/- on 4th Feb 2020 but when I opened the package the item was different from what I had ordered. After that iam trying to contact them through emails & phone but they are not replying to anything. I think they have cheated me.

Blitzfab - Wrong delievery and not responding

Mohit Verma on 08 Feb 20

I order a yellow kurta and got a grey kurta . Wrong order. Paid cash on delivery . Now there is no response .fake site and fake people

Blitzfab - Wrong delivery

Mohit Verma on 10 Feb 20

I have received a dress which I have not ordered and now I am not left with anything else then doing this bull shit of trying to get in touch with you for I have spwnt some hard earned money of Rs.1300/-.Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.If not in 24 hours I will be getting in touch with Consumer forum and sue you.

Anyone else facing the same issue may contact me. We can file a suit against this company.

Prachi Date-Bag

Blitzfab - goods received is not as per order and not receving any response

Mohit Verma on 10 Feb 20

I have received a kurti which I have not ordered and now I am not left with anything else then doing this bull shit of trying to get in touch with you for I have paid some hard earned money of Rs.1249/-.Kindly get back to me as soon as possible.If not in 24 hours I will be getting in touch with Consumer court

Blitzfab - Wrong product delivery

Mohit Verma on 12 Feb 20

Ordered red cat print shirt thru COD ,order no .B11509 which was printed on the outside of the delivery package.but inside was a child size yellow kurta ... No address mentioned on site and telephone number busy or switched off ..This apparently is definately a fake company and needs to be exposed and dealth with under Criminal proceedings for cheating innocent online purchasers and for making a false portal of garments with false policy proclaims ..

Blitzfab - Incorrect piece delivered

Mohit Verma on 13 Feb 20

I have order western top but I have received kurta.

Blitzfab - Wrong items received

Mohit Verma on 14 Feb 20

Had order three items, but one item received which was also wrong, I want my money back or original order.

My order number B11189 dated 04.02.2020

Blitzfab - Wrong product delivered, order no B13161

Mohit Verma on 17 Feb 20

Asked forFlirty white coloured Rabbit printed pocket shirt with full sleeves but instead spme printed thing came.
Now i want to return and send me d above item asked for but in XXL size and not XL size.

Blitzfab - not my stuff

Mohit Verma on 18 Feb 20

i ordered white shirt nd they delievered some kurta grey nd pink

Blitzfab - Order no B13478

Mohit Verma on 20 Feb 20

Wrong order delivered

Blitzfab - Wrong and very cheap product delivered

Mohit Verma on 20 Feb 20

Please see through this site...they have send me wrong and very cheap product...

Blitzfab - Wrong kurti

Mohit Verma on 21 Feb 20

I have ordered gray floral print kurti but it was totally wrong kurti. You send plain black kurti in rough cloth

Blitzfab - Wrong order

Mohit Verma on 22 Feb 20

I had ordered for light blue shirt. But I received a wrong order of black Kurti with check sleeves.

Blitzfab - Delivery of wrong product against the order no B12516

Mohit Verma on 22 Feb 20

I have ordered for two long sleeves shirts of Rs. 2398/- but unfortunately I received a different product. My order is is B12516. Kindly return my actual order or else arrange to return my money. I mailed to their official sites two times.but they have not yet responded...its totally disappointing.

Blitzfab - Worst I get broken top

Mohit Verma on 23 Feb 20

The product is not I order. Very bad product I get worst iam going to complaint against the company
I want to return my order

Blitzfab - Received another product

Mohit Verma on 24 Feb 20

I ordered a shirt and got a kurti

Blitzfab - Wrong parcel receive

Mohit Verma on 24 Feb 20

Idiot guys send wrong parcel and they cost 1199 rs.
I have order printed tishirt and they send me wrong kurti.
Not even answering the call and not replying to emails..
Irresponsible company. Not even bother..they dont even show how to return and how we get our money back

Blitzfab - Wrong product and quantity

Mohit Verma on 26 Feb 20

Wrong product, wrong quantity and no response to complaint and charged 2499.
order number is B14963. Calling them multiple times. Do not have the courtesy of responding

Blitzfab / Balaji Enterprise - Material didnt deliver

Mohit Verma on 26 Feb 20

I purchased 3 kurti from Blitzfab website on 10.10.2019 & they promised to deliver the prodict on 2 to 3 weeks time. I made the payment online after receipt of confirmation call & their request. Transaction id is: 928310055065. They never delivered the material nor the returned the money. I tried calling them, the company is neither responding the written complaints not responding to calls.

Blitzfab - Deliver wrong product instead of 2 ordered

Mohit Verma on 26 Feb 20

I had ordered 2 western shirts for 1200/- each on cash on delivery. After ordering I recd a call from female confirming our order and size.. Then recd the order after 4 days. When delivery boy came I gave the money 2398/- and then after few minutes once he left I opened the parcel and found one kurti which I didn't even ordered instead of my 2 western shirts. Im trying to reach the same lady who called Me up but there is no response. Then I went up to their website and found customer service number.. Tried calling them but again no response... Wrote a message on their website and mailed them too but no response.. It's a fraud company... Pls help me to get my money refunded...

Blitzfab - No action for wrong product

Mohit Verma on 28 Feb 20

Reference to the order number B15389, I received the parcel today morning but the item is completely different from what I had ordered. Although the description on the package is the same what I'd ordered for but the item inside is different. Attaching a picture of the parcel for your reference. Also, the product is so shabilly packed with subzi on the cardboard inside, as if someone had eaten on it using it as a mat.

Please arrange for a refund ASAP.

Puja Israney

Blitzfab - Fake!! Delivered a completely false product and no response

Mohit Verma on 01 Mar 20

Blitzfab is definitely a FAKE company. I had ordered 3 expensive pieces of clothing and it delivered 1 cheap piece instead. When I tried calling their customer helpline it's switched off. I have already dropped so many mails but no response.
Somehow I found another no. and tried talking there, the person on the other side is a cheap man using swear words.
I am planning to take some action against it.
Please DO NOT buy anything from them!!

Blitzfab - Wrong product deliver

Mohit Verma on 01 Mar 20

I ordered for cat print shirt and received cheap quality kurti. Phone number on site is incorrect. No reply to mails.. will file complaint in police for fraud.

Blitzfab - Wrong order placed

Mohit Verma on 01 Mar 20

I have order white color western top and today I got very cheap material kurta tinted of that top . I m trying to contact on given ph no but that no is sweech off. Now how to contact with seller. Very bad experience.