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Mindhol - Online Fraud Company

Mohit Verma on 11 Oct 19

Totally fraud company my wife order 2 pair or saree but they are very cheap quality i really didn't expect from them. they are tottally fraud but i am gonna do a consumer complaint against them the customer care service is also not good

Mindhol - We order 1000 rs saree but they sent very bad cheap saree and it was very stupid company I want give consumer complaint on that fraud company

Mohit Verma on 13 Oct 19

It was very bad creating strictly prohibit that fard company I lost my money it was ver worste saree it worth only 100

Mindhol - Totally fraud company

Mohit Verma on 17 Oct 19

Please take a necessary action against mindhol, completely fraud company. My wife ordered 1000 rupees saree+100 shipping charge. After i opened the parcel it is 100 rupees saree. If i want to call the mindhol 8447170180 it says number invalid one of my friend is available in surat he confirmed that address also fake. In google i searched for customer care number i called 6289875930 they are asking upi pin for transferring the money in gpay. Please take necessary action.

Mindhol - I will order as 1000 rupees saree .given as 100 rupees saree

Mohit Verma on 19 Oct 19

Sir I have booked in kanchevaram blue M-120 saree .he was delivered M-155-1 another colour not good quality saree . because re-found amount change the saree

Mindhol - Fraudulent company

Mohit Verma on 19 Oct 19

Hi all ,
Mindhol is Fraudulent company where they show banarsi Sarees but when you receive your order it's just 100/- saree, don't ever order from them. Flipkart is entertaining such company by delivering thr fake products.

Mindhol - Delievered Poor quality saree

Mohit Verma on 19 Oct 19

As i a ordered a two kanicipuram saree , but i received a poor quality cotton saree with damaged. As i tired to return and to get my refund , but there are fraud company. They are cheating everyone , that website to be blocked and they also to be punished. They are cheating many consumer . They should be prisoned. They are asking for account detail (pin& debit card ) to make us fraud for refund. please don't that one

Mindhol - Order not correct

Mohit Verma on 20 Oct 19


Mindhol - Poor quality and cheating

Mohit Verma on 22 Oct 19

I received a saree on the date of 21/10/19.quality is worest condition there is no any customer care number.... How can we gave the complint to mindhol... Plz block this website... Plz refund my money...

Mindhol - Received worst quality product (saree)

Mohit Verma on 28 Oct 19

Hi Team,
I have ordered a silk saree dated 12th october through a facebook mindhol site through COD and the product delivered was a cotton print saree with a worst quality. The saree I placed an order for was of Rs. 999 whereas the saree I received was worth Rs. 100.
The mindhol site and the invoice received claims that the saree can be exchanged within 7 days, we tried reaching out to them and they are declining such transaction happened.
Attached are the screenshots of the saree we ordered and the saree we received.
Also, attaching the post and invoice details.
Request you to please excahnge or refund the money.

Mindhol - Delivered wrong product

Mohit Verma on 08 Nov 19

We order silk saree and received low quality silk saree from Mindhol company. When we call them it is unreachable. They have cheated us.

Mindhol - Not satisfied with the saree material

Mohit Verma on 08 Nov 19

I had ordered for soft silk saree, but got the delivery today with the different material , want to return back the same

Mindhol - Poor quality Saree delivered

Mohit Verma on 08 Nov 19

Hi ordered kanchipuram Saree but they sent 100 Rs poor quality Saree I want to return these Saree please reply

Mindhol - Defective product delivery

Mohit Verma on 09 Nov 19

Ordered silk saree worth rs 1000/- and they delivered a printed saree of max value 200/- that too defective print.. Request complaint not being accepted.. Not able to contact through customer care also.. Want money back

Mindhol - Sarees return

Mohit Verma on 09 Nov 19

Sarees is return not good, please give me my money back

Mindhol - Changed the product

Mohit Verma on 18 Nov 19

Ordered kanchipuram silk saree but they gave me ordinary soft saree products should be changed so please return my money

Mindhol - Return

Mohit Verma on 18 Nov 19

I did not got after properly so I want to return the order please make sure as soon as possible it's fake online shopping

Mindhol - Saree return

Mohit Verma on 18 Nov 19

Quality is bad and colour is not looking good and the product is damaged . I ordered the product and I got another product. They are not taking action and if I call they are not attending the call

Mindhol - Damaged and Low quality saree

Mohit Verma on 19 Nov 19

I ordered a saree worth 1100 online and received a low quality and damaged saree.now they are not willing to take it back for return.please help