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Naukriclan - Not refunding my money back

Sid on 20 Jul 21

The agents from Naukriclan called me and asked me whether I am seeking a job or not. I said yes, and then they asked me to pay some amount. I went to their website and checked every detail. It's a genuine website. First I paid the amount of Rs 2891 for membership. Later on, I was not satisfied so I asked for a refund. When I asked for the refund they told me that sir your profile is not yet activated and you need to pay another amount of Rs 2537 and once it is done we will return all your amount at once within 24 hours. I paid the requested amount again. Then after an hour I again called them and asked them about my refund, then they are telling me you'll again have to pay an amount of Rs3400. And if you'll not pay the last amount then we'll not give you a refund.
I also told them that I don't want any services from you, just return my money. But they are not giving me a refund at all.

Naukriclan Complaints Reviews Not refunding my money back
Naukriclan Complaints Reviews Not refunding my money back